How to Schedule

If you would like to use IV Care Options as your IV treatment provider, just send your physician’s office to this website and ask them to go to the providers  section in How To Schedule to start the referral process. 

We often hear patients ask if it is okay to ask their physician for a referral to an IV therapy location different from what the physician has recommended. Yes! It is definitely okay to request a different IV provider if you’d like to receive treatment at IV Care Options. If you are having trouble obtaining a referral, call 478-374-6662 and we will gladly assist you. 

Important Information

  • IV Care Options billing experts to make sure each patient’s referral is reviewed extensively.  
  • We accept all major insurance plans and have contracts with many insurance companies to serve the majority of our referral population.  
  • Our goal is to notify you upfront of any out-of-pocket cost that you may be responsible for, which may include a deductible or co-pay amounts.  Our staff members are knowledgeable of many co-pay assistance programs and can put you in touch with the one(s) specific for your ordered therapy.  Our goal is to guide you with our experienced intake and billing coordinators throughout your referral process.

Click on these links to learn more about infusions and specialty medicines offered at IV Care Options. 


We are looking forward to assisting you in the care of your patient. Here’s how to get started with a referral:

  • Please download the form below and complete entirely, paying attention to the highlighted items.
  • Once the physician has signed the bottom, please fax everything to the number at the top of the form to begin the referral process.