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Seasons of Life Transitions Program

Transitions Program – There are many people today who face life-limiting illnesses and are not ready or do not meet the qualifications for hospice services. This may be due to seeking aggressive treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, MRI’s, PET scans, dialysis, or maybe there are conflicting concerns about the disease process or the benefits of hospice care. Seasons of Life Transitions program is an outreach program in which patients can receive many of the important services needed to help them navigate through the day to day struggles of dealing with a serious illness. Seasons of Life is neither hospice nor home health services. There is no doctor’s order needed and there are NO charges to anyone for Seasons of Life. It is provided though a 501(c)3 charity organization. For more information on the Seasons of Life Transitions program please visit

GriefShare Grief Recovery & Bereavment Support Group

This grief support group is sponsored by Community Hospice. Since the group began meeting in January 2012, news has spread throughout our area that GriefShare is an effective program for meeting the needs of hurting hearts. Griefshare is not only for families of Community Hospice, but is offered to anyone who has experienced the loss of someone they love. The 13-week course is offered strategically throughout the year, and offers a unique, three-part approach to coping with loss and grief. Please check the Community Hospice home page for current GriefShare dates. Interested participants are encouraged to join GriefShare at any time, even if a cycle has already begun. Each week a new grief-related topic is presented and discussed in the group. GriefShare is a place to realize that you are not alone in your grief. Meals and workbooks are provided by Community Hospice and there is no cost to participants. For more information, please contact Community Hospice at 912-537-0063, or visit

Skyler Bear Grief and Bevreavement Program for Children

This program is a free interactive program for children of most ages that are experiencing an expected (anticipatory) or recent loss of a loved one. This program is in conjunction with Hospice of Central Georgia. Community Hospice’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jennifer Richter, LCSW, ACHP-SW, uses a stuffed bear named Skyler to help guide children through the difficult loss and grief process. Parents are encouraged to participate and learn helpful techniques to help their children. At the end of the counseling session each child gets to keep their Skyler Bear and guide book. This program is not only intended for children of Community Hospice patients. It is available to any child in the community who is having a difficult time with loss and grief. To find out more about this service please call Jennifer Richter at Community Hospice, 912-537-0063.

Community Hospice and S.O.A.P.S. Collaborative

There often comes a time in an individual’s journey when meeting their own individual needs can seem to consume all available time and energy. Often during these times, families realize the responsibility of having a pet can be an impossible task. Community Hospice and the Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society have formed a collaborative to ensure that all pets owned by hospice patients and families, continue to receive the attention and dedication they deserve. The SOAPS collaborative provides medical assistance, food assistance, and the assistance of pet adoption. SOAPS is a reputable, independent, non-profit organization located in Vidalia, GA. The Community Hospice and SOAPS collaborative gives many terminally ill pet owners a peace of mind knowing their precious loved one will be cared for before, during, and after their journey. For more information on SOAPS please visit their website at

Annual Candlelight Memorial Service

Community Hospice is honored to host a candlelight memorial service in remembrance of all patients who have passed on during the year (October 1st through September 31st) under Community Hospice Services. This beautiful service is held every November. Invitations are sent to families prior to the service each year. As their loved one’s name is called, family members are invited to step forward and light a memorial candle. With music, touching words, and a breath taking release ceremony, loved ones are lovingly remembered. Heavy refreshments follow the service. There is no cost to the families for this service and everyone is invited to attend.

Advance Directive / Healthcare Agent / POLST Program

Have you ever considered who would make medical decisions for you in the event you are unable to make them for yourself? Community Hospice believes everyone has the right to have their wishes honored even when a medical condition prevents them from doing so. As a part of community outreach, Community Hospice provides and assists with the completion of a Georgia Advanced Directive for Healthcare or the new Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) to anyone who has capacity to make his or her own decisions. These forms are used for healthcare decisions only and are honored at any medical facility in Georgia. You are allowed to designate a “Healthcare Agent(s)” to make decisions for you and specify the healthcare wishes you desire. There is no charge for this service and education will be provided to anyone interested. It is open to anyone in the community. Proof of identity is required before completion of the form. If interested in completing aan Advanced Directive please contact Community Hospice at 912-537-0063. There is no attorney or notary necessary to complete this process. For more information visit: then select "Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare."

Community Hospice offers quality care and support in home as well as in our facility to meet your needs.

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